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Pre-order your copy of our latest research report, exploring the role of practice in youth ministry. Released March 2020.

New research:

Youth workers know how to create an experience: whether it’s choosing the right music, taking young people to new places or just creating some ritual that only your youth group will ever understand. But experience can also be overlooked within the Church, where thinking, talking and discussing faith can sometimes take the place of action.

This new report from the Youthscape Centre for Research is exploratory: highlighting the experiences of youth workers who invite young people within and beyond the church to experiment with Christian practice. Through case studies, interviews and survey data we identify which practices are being used and what projects are learning about practice-based ministry.

In the age of authenticity, it is by making meaning of personal experience that young people ground faith in their everyday life. ‘We do God’ will take you on a journey of reflection, considering where practice ‘fits’ within contemporary youth ministry, and what it might mean for your own life.

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Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in spiritual disciplines and Christian practices. Our latest research report asks: how far has youth ministry picked up this conversation?



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"When they were like explaining it and stuff, I thought ‘What? Like, you can’t just forgive someone by writing their name on a stone'. And then like when you actually do it, like if you believe in actually giving them forgiveness and you’re willing to forgive, then you can forgive someone...I was holding a lot of grudges against a lot of people, the things they’d done, big or small, so to be able to sit there and actually forgive someone, and actually feel the relief of forgiving them helped me a lot.”

Willa, 17 Interview from 'We do God'

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