Youthscape Summer Camps 2019 – will you consider supporting us?

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Your faithful support, over the years, has meant the world to us here at Youthscape and your generosity has made it possible for us to take hundreds of young people, from across the town, away to summer camps. These trips have opened up opportunities for us to share the story of Jesus with them, many of them have found faith while at camp. So, it will come as no surprise that we can’t wait to do it all over again this year! The summer moves ever closer, preparations for this year’s summer camps are well under way. As one of our valued supporters, I am writing to ask if you’d be willing to contribute towards a place on our camps this year. Every year we have been so very encouraged by your willingness to pray, give your spare time, and give financially to our ‘Sponsor a Camper’ scheme.

Spree - Years 7-8 - £100pp Like last year, young people from local Churches across Luton will have the opportunity to camp together for a weekend at Spree, a fast-paced, faith-transforming, weekend run by Urban Saints, with a jam-packed programme of inspirational and relevant teaching, taking place in Northampton.

Soul Survivor - Years 9-13 - £150pp This summer we will be returning to the Soul Survivor festival in Peterborough with a group of year 14 - 18 year olds from Youthscape, for five days of worship, teaching and ministry. We are delighted to be camping and worshipping alongside many other Luton churches at the festival.


We are passionate about sharing the Christian message with Luton’s young people and believe that summer trips offer an excellent opportunity for young people to explore Christian faith for themselves.  We are committed to offering and enabling every young person to attend, even if they are experiencing financial challenges. This is where you can make a difference! Our ‘Sponsor a Camper’ scheme allows families who cannot afford the full amounts to pay a smaller contribution. Over the past 20 years, hundreds of young people have attended our summer camps that, without your help, would not have been able to come.

So how do you get involved in sponsoring a camper this year?

  • We would love your prayers. Please pray for Spree and Soul Survivor, for the organisers of both events, for the young people who will be attending and especially for the groups travelling from Youthscape. Please pray that our young people enjoy these experiences and engage with the opportunity to further their exploration of the Christian faith.
  • Make a donation towards the cost of one of Youthscape’s summer activities.
  • Donate online at
  • Or, complete the form on the left with your details and send it to:

    ‘Sponsor a Camper 2019’, Youthscape, Bute Mills, 74 Bute Street, Luton, LU1 2EY.

Once we have a final list of those attending, we will send you a prayer postcard with specific prayer requests and we will give you an update after the camps too. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our work. Thank you: We continue to be blown away by your generosity, you really do make a difference!