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The Bute Mills Drop-in exists to give young people in Luton a safe space to hang out after school, where they can build relationships with each other and find a sense of community.


Covid-19 update

The pandemic has turned the lives of millions of children and young people upside down. It's also changed what kind of activities are safe to continue. From September 2020 we're pausing many of our existing programmes, including this one, and refocusing our Luton work on where we can make the most difference to those who need our help.


For the Youthscape team it’s a chance to get to know the young people better, to know their needs and if helpful connect them to other relevant local projects tailored to more specific groups.


Young people can make themselves at home in the Drop-in space, with access to computers, boardgames, a pool table and Playstation 4s. They can do homework or just enjoy relaxing with others and making new friends.

"Drop-in is like my second family"

Young PersonYear 10

The free, shared meal is a highlight of Drop-in, where we hope to build a sense of family. The young people often help to prepare the food, set the table and clear up after, experiencing the richness of community together. Our youth workers are present at the Drop-in as friends and mentors, helping facilitate conversation and build relationships with and between the young people.


Our dream as ever is to see transformation in the lives of all young people in Luton, moving them into or across different projects that can best help them. We hope to connect them into other communities and churches beyond Youthscape that will last beyond age 18, giving them a social grounding for the long-term.

The Drop-in runs three days a week for different age groups.

Monday: Year 7-8

Monday Drop-in runs from 3.30pm-6pm and is run by Vicki Miller. It's a fun session with lots of games, whether it's a game of Fortnite on Playstation, card games, or a more energetic game - we value fun and creating a space where the young people can be themselves. The young people help our wonderful cooks to make dinner, and over a meal we get to have great conversations with them.

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Wednesday: Year 9-11

Wednesday Drop-in runs from 3.30pm - 6pm and is run by Matt Allen. It's a great space to chill, hang out, catch up and have a space to unpack what has been going on over the week. The Playstations are pretty popular with those wanting to chill out over a game of Fifa.


We also have iMacs for those who want to catch up on a bit of homework, or just watch YouTube videos. Dinner is a really great space to chat and catch up, and for our team to check in with each of them and listen to them.

"Drop-in is where I come to get away from difficult stuff in my life. I love it!"

Young PersonYear 11

Thursday: Year 12-13

Thursday Drop-in runs from 4.30pm - 7pm and is led by Lahna Pottle. It is a little different to the other two as we have a key activity each week, whether that is a movie night, pool tournament, t-shirt making session, music jam night, or a game-show night. Thursday nights are fun and really build a sense of community between the different young people who come along and also between the team and the young people too. We have dinner every evening which the young people often help make. We really want Thursdays to be a fun evening where those who come can unwind from what has often been a stressful week. We can help them with CV writing, and we often encourage them to help get involved in learning new skills that will help them as they emerge into adulthood.

For any questions about the Drop-in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the relevant day leader using the contact buttons on the right.

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