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Football Project


The Football Project is weekly sports activity for young people, boys and girls aged 14 to 16, to play football in a way that develops their character and helps them build relationships.


Covid-19 update

The pandemic has turned the lives of millions of children and young people upside down. It's also changed what kind of activities are safe to continue. From September 2020 we're pausing many of our existing programmes, including this one, and refocusing our Luton work on where we can make the most difference to those who need our help.

Why football?

Many young people love sport - watching and participating. It can be a fantastic way to get exercise and learn new skills. It's also a way for young people to explore values and character.

We want young people to understand that relationships, not the final score, are fundamental. That they can have a profound effect on their teammates when they encourage, support and stand by each other no matter what is happening on the pitch. We want them to find the rich value in winning with humility, and losing with dignity. To know that there’s more than one kind of victory, and that playing well means more than just winning.


The Football Project

Youthscape offer a free weekly football training session at Venue 360 every Thursday. No referrals are required - young people can simply attend a session or find out more from the Youthscape team at our drop-in.

The hour-long session kicks off with some warm ups and basic training, followed by a 5-a-side game, with a 5-minute water break in the middle providing a brief space for a thoughtful message or time for self-reflection, led by one of our team.


Who is The Football Project suitable for?

  • Young people, boys and girls, aged 14 to 16 who are interested in football
  • Young people who would like to think about their values and character
  • Young people who would like to get to know others in a. safe and friendly context

What will young people learn?

  • Teamwork and inter-dependence
  • Leadership skills
  • Managing success and failure
  • Fairness and tolerance

Getting involved

Young people are welcome to join the Football Project without a referral. We are restarting in September 2019, for any enquiries please get in touch with the Football Project lead Matt Allen, using his contact details on the side of this page.

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