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Hope Afternoon


The Hope Afternoon is a weekly drop-in for young people each Tuesday afternoon, with a focus on supporting their mental health and wellbeing.


Emotional and mental wellbeing

Young people are facing more challenges to their emotional and mental wellbeing than any previous generation. Pressure arising from social media can be too much and is leading to a high prevalence of anxiety and even loneliness. Young people are increasingly concerned about their futures as they become more aware of the political environment around them. Many are dealing with the intense pressure of school work, others are experiencing problems at home. The most common problems, according to recent research, are feeling depressed, displaying restless sleep and an inability to shake off negative feelings, even with the help of family and friends.

Helping young people early on is vital - or even before issues arise. Young people need a safe space to talk about their feelings, get advice and develop simple skills that help build resilience. The Hope Afternoon is Youthscape response to that need. Using the fantastic facilities of the drop-in at Bute Mills, young people can relax and have have fun with opportunities to participate in discussions, creative activities and advice from the experienced team on hand. The informal structure makes it easier for young people who might find a small group or one-to-one intimidating.

There are two sessions for Years 7 to 9 in the earlier part of the afternoon, and for Years 10 to 13 later. The sessions are supervised and led by our team, who make sure new members feel welcome and part of the group.


Who is the Hope Afternoon suitable for?

  • Young people dealing with low level mental health problems, including anxiety and panic attacks
  • Young people who are self-harming or who are at risk of doing so
  • Young people who need support in their mental wellbeing but do not meet the threshold for referral to NHS services like CAMSH.
  • Young people who would benefit from learning simple emotional well-being skills

What will young people learn?

  • Resilience and skills for building resilience
  • Self awareness relating to emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Creative skills to help them stay emotionally healthy
  • Where to find further help and support

Getting advice and making a referral

The Hope Afternoon is offer at no cost as part of Youthscape's work as a local charity in the community. For any enquiries please get in touch with our Engagement Manager, Gemma Milligan, using her contact details on the side of this page. To make a referral, complete a referral form for the young person.

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