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Training for Youth Workers

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Youthscape's vision is to help the church support young people to develop emotionally, socially and spiritually. We offer practical and develop models of youth ministry that really work. Our wide range of courses have been created to equip churches, youth leaders and parents with the skills they need to support young people in a rapidly changing culture.


Led by experienced youth workers and subject specialists


Practical and down-to-earth advice relevant to your context


Resources and materials you can use straightaway in your work


Theologically grounded and Biblically-based teaching


Inspiring and engaging sessions with teaching, discussion and q&a

Therapeutic Mentoring

With Mental Health services stretched, and thresholds for specialist support increasingly harder to meet, youth workers are finding themselves filling the gap. This day will equip you with the skills and resources to confidently offer support.

Leading Teams in Christian Ministry

A vital part of leadership is knowing how to lead others; particularly how to lead a team. How do you create clear vision and accountability and resolve problems effectively? This day will give you the skills to become a great team leader.

"These young people weren't apathetic, they just hadn't been been mobilised yet. Greta Thunberg is wonderful proof that the voice of youth has provocative power, and that young people’s actions can inspire others anywhere, though maybe not everywhere. The question for us became: ‘how do we engage our young people in this conversation?'"

Jemimah Woodbridge

Director, Youthscape Luton

Engaging Young People with Climate Justice

Whether your group is highly engaged in the topic of climate change, or just watchful of this global youth phenomenon – it is imperative that we engage with this topic, explore it theologically and consider its trajectory. A training day led by Tearfund and Youthscape.

Fundraising for Independent Charities and Youth Projects

Are you trying to raise funds for your church or organisation? Wondering where and how to apply, and how to pitch it right? This day is a comprehensive guide to finding grant-making trusts and knowing how to go about creating a winning application.

"How do you fund the work you are doing? That's the perennial question facing many charities and small organisations. Often the task falls to the staff you already have, rather than a specialist fundraising team. But how do you go about it, especially when there are so many organisations competing for a limited pool of funds?"

Chris Curtis

CEO, Youthscape

Third Space: Unlocking the Shared Spaces in Schools

As Christian visitors in schools, we mainly operate in two spaces; curricular and extra-curricular. What if there was a ‘Third Space’? This equipping day will explore what that could look like for you, in your context.

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