Translating God is a new major project from The Youthscape Centre for Research exploring how young people understand and respond to the Christian story.

Published in three parts, it represents more than two years of work with input from a diverse group of more than a thousand young people Everyone interested in how the church engages with young people – church leaders, youth workers, parents and perhaps young people themselves – will want to see what this ground-breaking research means for you, your ministry and the wider church.

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Part 1, the Trend Report, sets the scene by understanding how young people’s lives in the UK have changed in the last decade.

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Part 2, in partnership with Scripture Union, explores young people's understanding of Christian belief and faith

Report coming Spring 2024

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Part 3, in partnership with Bible Society, draws this together and gives practical steps to respond to our findings.

Final report coming Spring 2024

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We’ve compared publicly available data on every aspect of young people’s lives in the UK over the past ten years. We’re looking for points where the same data has been collected over a period of time so we can see any changes. More than 21 major data sets and 90 pieces of published research have been reviewed. You can view the data here or sign up to our mailing list and complete a short survey to download the slides for free, ready to view or present to others.

We’ve divided our findings into six themes.
Click on a theme to see what we found…

1. Life online
2. Behaviour and lifestyle
3. Mental health and wellbeing
4. Identity, values and beliefs
5. Relationships
6. Education, work and transition to adulthood

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Download the Translating God presentation

Download a folder containing all the slides in Powerpoint or Keynote format plus a shorter presentation of the 10 most significant data sets. These are free for you to use in presentations or training sessions. Please acknowledge Youthscape and the Youthscape Centre for Research as the source. To access this folder you must complete this short survey and sign up to hear more about Youthscape.

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