As summer approaches, our minds are turning to the summer holidays, and the long-standing Youthscape tradition of taking young people away for a week.

This year, we will be organising a big week away for lots of local young people - to attend a huge Christian camping week in August, attended by thousands of young people from all over the UK. But this time there’s a difference... We are the ones organising the whole event!

Satellites is a brand new, week-long, camping experience at the East of England showground. Drawing together church youth groups from right across the UK. Hundreds of groups and thousands of young people.

It’s been a long-standing plan for us to launch this event, (something delayed multiple times by COVID), and now it’s finally about to happen.

Some of our team will be with young people from Luton, sharing the experience with them, and camping alongside other groups.

The rest of the Youthscape team will be organising the event - running an exciting programme that will help young people to engage with Christian faith, try out all kinds of creative activities, and have fun together.So these next few weeks are important. More youth groups are signing up every day, and we’re busy planning to make the event as fantastic as it can be.

You cannot imagine the scale of organisation required to host thousands of teenagers safely for a week! But we’re doing it because we believe it’s a vital part of helping young people deepen their faith. And young people from Luton will be there right at the heart of it.

So, please pray with us for these weeks of preparation and for the event itself. If you’re curious to know more, take a look: https://www.youthscape.co.uk/s...


1st (Sun)

1st May - It’s 100 days to go until Satellites! Please pray that more groups will book in, & that preparation & plans will continue to come together well.

2nd (Mon)

This month, Jenny C & Laura will be running some anxiety groups for young people. And, on 16th May, they are running a special exam anxiety session. They’re also doing some training for professionals.

3rd (Tue)

Pray for young people revising & preparing for their GCSEs, A Levels etc. Especially for those who feel unprepared after missing school during the pandemic.

4th (Wed)

Pray for young people who have come to the UK as refugees.

And for our local team, as they seek to find ways to serve young refugees in our town well.

5th (Thu)

We have applied for grants to fund our local team. Please pray that a number of them will be successful, as it is increasingly difficult to obtain funding in the current financial climate.

6th (Fri)

May’s Luton Unite event is happening tonight, & young people from Youthscape & local churches are joining together. Pray for that it would be a fun & safe event for everyone.

7th (Sat)

Pray for the Satellites team, as they continue to develop an exciting programme for our first ever Satellites event this summer.

8th (Sun)

Pray for Natasha, Reuben, Dave, Ellie, Jemimah, Gemma & Matt as they lead Fearless & Compass this term, (https://www.youthscape.co.uk/f... & https://www.youthscape.co.uk/c...).

9th (Mon)

Pray for our Football Project taking place on Monday evenings. It’s a chance for young people, (age 14 - 16), to play together in a way that develops their character & helps them build positive relationships.

10th (Tue)

Drop in takes place, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, after school. Pray that this would be a positive, safe community for local young people.

11th (Wed)

Young people across the UK are making decisions about further education, training & jobs. Pray for wisdom & support for them as they look to the future in such uncertain times.

12th (Thu)

Please pray that the Youthscape podcast, (featuring many different contributors), will be a real blessing to many youth workers around the UK & beyond. https://www.youthscape.co.uk/p...

13th (Fri)

Pray for children & young people living with special educational needs. For the challenges they & their families face on a day-to-day basis.

14th (Sat)

Please pray for more volunteers to sign up to join the Satellites 2022 team. (About 400 volunteers are needed to make the event run smoothly.)

15th (Sun)

Pray for the young people in Luton who are feeling lonely & isolated; that they will be able to find support through Youthscape & other local youth organisations.

16th (Mon)

Financial pressure is increasing on so many families. Please pray that they will be able to find support, & for them to access the help they need at this time.

17th (Tue)

A lot of young people struggle with their mental health, & anxiety. Pray that they would find the support & outlets they need to be able to talk about the things that are concerning them.

18th (Wed)

Please pray for Jemimah, Gemma, David, Robert, Reuben, Matt, Tasha, Ellie & our wonderful volunteers, as they work with young people from across Luton this term.

19th (Thu)

Fearless starts today. Pray the students bond & work well together, building positive relationships. And that they have fun together, but that they also feel safe enough to be honest & vulnerable with each other.

20th (Fri)

Jenny F, Jenny C, & the Alumina team are supporting young people online. Pray for wisdom, energy & ongoing support for them as a team, as they work with young people facing incredibly difficult situations.

21st (Sat)

Pray that the Youthscape Essentials course has a lasting impact; strengthening the number of volunteers in churches, & meaning that more young people might come to know Jesus.

22nd (Sun)

Please pray for the young people struggling with loneliness, who are attending #OpenHouse this term. That they will make new friends & learn new skills. https://www.youthscape.co.uk/y...

23rd (Mon)

Pray for the many families who are affected by job losses throughout the UK. That they won’t lose hope as they face many emotional & financial pressures.

24th (Tue)

Thank God for the youth workers & professionals who work with young people. For their dedication, & for the ways that they support those in their care.

25th (Wed)

Young people are taking GCSEs, A Levels, etc. this term. Pray for them, especially as so many of them have missed out on parts of their education over the last 2 years.

26th (Thu)

Pray for young people who are concerned about the future, & who are making decisions about university, college, or who are applying for work.

27th (Fri)

Pray for Chris, Martin, Lucie & Jemimah, as they navigate the way forward for Youthscape. For God’s clear guidance, wisdom & presence.

28th (Sat)

For young people in the different groups led by our local team across Luton this term. Pray that taking part will make a huge difference to their wellbeing, & have a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

29th (Sun)

Pray for Jenny F, Jenny C, Laura & the amazing volunteers who make up our BeHeadStrong team, as they provide mental health support & advice for young people, parents, youth workers & professionals.

30th (Mon)

Pray for the health & wellbeing of teachers & staff in our local schools.

31st (Tue)

Our Satellites - Orbit devotional is going out every day on Instagram. Pray that young people would begin to find a rhythm of time with God through Orbit. https://www.youthscape.co.uk/s...

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