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Nicknamed ‘Generation Sensible’, today’s teenagers are much less likely to engage in ‘risky behaviours’ such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking illegal drugs - and they’re also less likely to perceive these behaviours as risky. They are delaying the age they first have sex, and there has been a steady decline in the rate of under-18 conceptions, perhaps because they are less likely to go out after 9pm and less likely to see their friends in person. However, other risks to their health and safety have emerged, with an increase in knife crime and a rise in vaping amongst some young people.

1. Young people are going out less at night
2. Teenage pregnancy rates continue to fall
3. Young people are less sexually active
4. Rates of drug use, smoking and drinking have fallen overall, but vaping is on the rise
5. Levels of fighting, vandalism and shoplifting haven’t changed much
6. Gen Z are less worried about most ‘risky behaviour’ than millenials, except binge drinking
7. Treatment for knife injuries doubled, but levels are dropping again now
8. Concern about crime has been consistently low, but has started to increase slightly
9. Fewer young people are in custody, but a higher proportion are from ethnic minorities

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