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Education, work and transition to adulthood

Most young people continue to think it’s important to do well in their GCSEs, and greater numbers are in education post-16. However young people are less satisfied with school and schoolwork than in previous years. Many still take part in out of school activities, of which sport is by far the most popular - but they are less likely to be involved in a youth group or club than they used to be. Young people used to want to leave home by the age of 20, but the majority now want to stay living with their families until their mid-20s.

1. Satisfaction with both school and school work has been dropping over recent years
2. The number of young people receiving SEN support has gone up, particularly since the pandemic
3. They still think it’s important to do well in GCSEs, but slightly less so than in previous years
4. The number of 16-17 year olds in full or part-time education has increased a little
5. The majority still take part in out-of-school activities, and sport is by far the most popular
6. Fewer young people attend youth groups or clubs regularly
7. Young people are less likely to be juggling part-time work with their studies
8. Young people want to stay at home longer into adulthood

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