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Young people today report being less satisfied with life overall. The last decade has seen rising rates of probable mental health disorders, mental distress and referrals to CAMHS, while services have not expanded to meet the need. Young people report being less satisfied with their appearance, and rates of hospitalisation for self-harm and eating disorders have increased. Childline has also seen a significant increase in calls to its helpline by young people with suicidal feelings or thoughts, though suicide rates themselves have remained fairly stable.

1. This is a generation who are more unhappy and less content
2. Poor emotional well-being is at the heart of an overall rise in mental health disorders
3. The number of 16-17 year olds with high levels of mental distress has almost doubled
4. Young people are becoming more critical of their appearance
5. The number of 10-14 year olds hospitalised due to self harm has more than doubled
6. Eating disorder hospitalisation rates have risen by almost 90%
7. There’s been a dramatic rise in children calling Childline because of suicidal thoughts
8. Suicide rates have been increasing slightly, with rates higher amongst young men
9. There’s a massive gap between the number of young people referred to CAMHS and the number of doctors who can see them

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