Satellites is a brand-new event for young people, launching in the Summer of 2021. It’s a five-day gathering, designed to inspire teenagers to live with God at the centre of their lives for the other 360 days of the year.

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Everything else about Satellites is secondary to that big picture. We live in a world where Christianity is often seen as a lifestyle choice for young people; another social option to sit alongside sports practice and a regular squad battle in Fortnite; another element of our compartmentalised lives. But that isn’t all that God is interested in; God doesn’t exist to revolve around us; to serve our needs when we ask him. It’s all designed to be the other way around. We were always meant to be in his orbit. Like satellites.

So – what are we going to do to enable this shift? Simply, we’re going to teach seven key values across the event, which help young people to see what it looks like to follow Jesus, all year round. Three of them are focussed on us; how we meet with God alone and together, and become changed as a result; three are outward-facing, helping us to see the role that God calls us to in building and extending his Kingdom on earth. And in the middle of those six is our prioritisation of the presence and power of God himself (God’s at the centre, you see!). You could read more about each of these values and the big vision for Satellites in this blog post by Martin Saunders. Here's the snapshot:



Connecting with God in new ways, to new depths. Cultivating prayer for lifelong and everyday faith.



Inviting participation in God’s magnificent, global, gifted, flawed, history-spanning family: the Church.



Calling young people to a holistic life of devotion as they grow in knowledge of God’s infinite love.



True transformation – becoming like Jesus – is only truly possible through the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.



Seeking Jesus’ redemptive Kingdom on Earth, we join a physical, spiritual battle against injustice both personal and systemic.



Good news is worth sharing. We want to help young people be able to talk naturally about life-changing faith with their friends.



Discovering how creativity can serve the renewing and repainting of the world, learning from the God who is “making all things new”.

I'm interested. What do I need to do?

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1. Sign up today

There are two things you need to do to get started. The first is to sign up to get emails about Satellites if you haven't already. It means you’re the first to hear about big programme announcements, special offers and advice about getting your group organised. It’s free and you can do it right here.


2. Register your group

Do you want to come on this journey with us, as we seek to help young people live with God at the centre of their world?

For a limited time, we’re offering you the opportunity to register to be one of the very first groups at Satellites 2021. We’re keeping this really simple: for just £25, you can pay the deposit on your group leader ticket, and that means you’re guaranteed to be able to bring a group to the event in August.

Then in a few weeks' time, when we open general bookings, you’ll be able to add an unlimited number of extra leaders and young people to your group. You’ll also be guaranteed to be offered the lowest prices that we’ll ever make available for the event.

Your support at this early stage will mean a huge amount to us, and by signing up now, you’ll enable us to start making concrete plans for next summer. One more thing we'd love you to consider is joining us in prayer for this event and for the young people who will be apart of it. We've made a page for this purpose; we'll keep updating it with prayer points, and you can find it here, or listed below.

We've created a media pack of images you can use for social media, so you can promote Satellites in your local group and build momentum together. Check it out here.

  • Buy a group leader ticket and register your group
  • You’ll get a unique url to share with others
  • They buy their tickets from 10/8 and join your group
  • Only pay £25 deposit for tickets bought by 31/03/21
  • Everyone pays for their ticket direct - no hassle for you
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How much will tickets cost?

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Got questions?

We have put together lots of practical information and help for group leaders in a handy pack which you can view here, or download through the link in the sidebar. Or, drop us an email at hello@wearesatellites.com with any questions. Find all the small-print details about the summer event in our Terms & Conditions document.

Want to volunteer with us?

Here at Satellites we understand that without our amazing team, we really could not make this event happen. That’s why we are working hard to ensure that you have the best time serving us in August 2021. We want to make sure that our team becomes one big family that serves a common cause; to help enable young people to meet with Jesus and learn how to keep him at the centre of their lives.

We are looking for some hard-working, God serving people who want to help us make Satellites the best youth event it can be. To find out more about how it's all going to work, read some more info and our Team FAQs.

Exhibition info...

We would love you to join us at the very first Satellites event in August 2021. The exhibition will be a place full of organisations and charities that are passionate about inspiring young people to put God at the centre of their lives. This is an opportunity for your team to spend five days meeting and talking to young people from across the UK, giving them the chance to ask questions and be resourced for living out a life with God at the centre.

The exhibition will be in a central venue in the heart of the site with a cafe and a space for young people and their youth leaders to chill out whilst enjoying a coffee, charging their phones and meeting new people.

How do I apply for an exhibition space and what happens next?

Please use the application form to apply for a space in the exhibition. We will respond to your application within 14 working days either confirming your place or we may ask you for some further details. We will explain what other information and paperwork we will require from you.

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