We’ve pulled together some A’s for the most frequently asked Q’s – have a read below to see if we’ve covered what you were looking for. If not, pop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


How do I join a group?


If you’re booking on and joining your youth group, you’ll need to make sure you grab the email address from your group leader, head to the booking page, create an account and be sure to select that you want to join an existing group when booking your ticket! If you get stuck at all, please chat to your youth leader or contact us.

How do I set up a group?


If you are a youth leader looking to set up a group, you’ll need to create an account and book yourself a group leader ticket online. As you do this, the booking system will ask you if you want to create a new group or join an existing group; select that you want to create a group. From here, you'll be asked for some key details as the group leader including your on-site contact details and the name of your church or organisation. If your church or organisation isn't already listed on the system, you'll be able to set that up too. The website will then walk you through the rest of the booking process, take payment for your tickets and then your booking is complete!

In order for other people to join your group, they will need the email address you used to set the group up so make sure you've passed that onto them so that the bookings link up! Alternatively, you will be able to log into your account and add additional tickets for them.

If you or any of your group get stuck, please contact us.

How can I change details on my booking or swap people’s names in my group?


Once you make a booking, you’ll have an account to log into to pay off any outstanding balances, add more tickets, book add-on items or change the details of anyone in your group. If you need to update someone's ticket details, please drop us an email with the name and DOB (+ mobile number if over 18) of the people you're switching tickets for and we'll get that updated for you!

We’ll have a cut-off date closer to the event, after which time we’d need confirmed groups so that tickets and wristbands can be issued. We’ll pop you an email nearer the time to remind you to log in and check your group details. If you get stuck at all, please contact us.

I’m a group leader and I don’t have the details for everyone yet – can I save my order and update it at a later date?


If you don’t know all your group’s details yet, that’s totally fine! We’d suggest getting yourself booked on as a group leader, setting up your group and sharing your email address with your young people and other leaders so that they can book themselves on and fill in their own details. As group leader, you’ll be able to see everyone in your group and you’ll all be allocated to the same camping area. Each booking will need to be completed and paid for (either in full or a deposit if booking a super saver ticket or an early bird ticket) in order for the system to save the booking.

Can I pay via bank transfer?


If you're making a large group booking, you may prefer to pay for your tickets via bank transfer. In order to do this, you'll need to add all of the tickets to your booking, follow all of the steps for the booking (accommodation details etc) and get all the way through to the page where you're asked for your card details. At this point, your booking progress will be saved. You can then drop us an email and ask for an invoice in order to then pay for your tickets!

Please note: we will need to have received your payment in full before any booking deadlines in order for you to secure the discounted ticket rate relevant to when you booked.

How much are tickets? Can I just come for a few days?


You'll be able to find all of the ticket pricing information on the tickets page on our website.

Want to bring some young people along for just a day or two? There are a limited number of day tickets available to purchase. You’re able to buy these from the same place as the full week tickets – just be sure to tick the day tickets box and then select the days of the event that you’re booking a ticket for. A day ticket costs £10 for 1-4s, £20 for 5-12s and £30 for 13+.

Day ticket holders can arrive on site from 9am on the day that they're attending the event.

It says youth tickets are for 13s and over - can I bring my Year 7s?


Whilst we are aiming the main content of the event at teenagers 13+, your younger youth (year 7s) are very welcome at Satellites. We appreciate that youth leaders will know their group much better than us and so we leave that decision with you… some youth groups will be bringing all of their young people along to Satellites, and others will just be bringing along their older youth.

Please be reassured that we won’t be stopping under 13s from coming into the main gatherings, but if they would prefer to be a part of the children’s programme (for those age 12 and under) they can be.

What happens if the event can't go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions?


We're really hopeful that Satellites 2022 will be able to go ahead as planned. If we're not able to run the event due to Covid-19 restrictions, all ticket holders will be offered a refund on their ticket, or to roll over their ticket over to the following summer. You can read the full terms and conditions here.

I’m struggling with my booking – what should I do?


Sorry you’re having trouble booking onto Satellites. We’d love to help you – please pop us an email and we’ll get your booking sorted!


Where will I be camping?


We’ll allocate each group to a camping ‘village’, with enough room for their group to camp safely alongside other youth groups. You’ll need to let us know how many tents etc your group are bringing on your booking so that we can make sure you all fit onto the village. We’ll be in touch with all group leaders closer to the time of the event.

You can find the 2022 site map on the resources page of our website.

Are we allowed to bring our own marquees or gazebos?


Absolutely, it’s great for groups to have some communal space to eat and hang out together. Group leaders should include this on their booking (for free) during registration so that we can allocate you space for your marquee/gazebo.

I don’t have any camping equipment – can I hire some from you?


We’ve partnered with an organisation called IBEX to provide affordable camping equipment for groups to hire. You can find out more about that on the accommodation section on our website.

You’ll be able to order these items closer to the event.

There will also be a camping shop on site to buy spare equipment from but to avoid disappointment, we suggest planning ahead of time and either hiring or trying to borrow the equipment you need in advance.

Can I bring a caravan/campervan/motorhome to Satellites?


Yes absolutely, but space for this must be booked (for free) during registration to ensure there’s space for it. If you require power, this will need to be booked and paid for too.

If you’re planning to rent a caravan or motorhome rather than bring your own, you’ll need to arrange this directly and make sure you're on site to receive delivery of it on Tuesday 9 August; the Satellites team cannot take responsibility for meeting or arranging collection of caravans/motorhomes.

How can I get electricity to my campsite?


Electric hook-ups will be available to book for a fee – you can find out more on the accommodation page. Generators are not allowed on site.

Can I keep my car with me next to my tent?


To make everyone’s stay at Satellites as safe as possible, we don’t allow cars to park on the campsite by the tents. If you have any mobility issues, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can support you moving around the Satellites site.

Event Info

If we’ve not answered your burning question, please pop us an email.

When does the event start and finish?


The event kicks off on the afternoon of Tuesday 9 August - delegates can arrive from midday to start setting up their tents and venues will open from 2pm.

The event will finish on the evening of Saturday 13 August. Some groups will choose to leave that evening, and others will stay until the next morning. We'd ask that all delegates are packed up and on their way home before midday on Sunday 14 August.

Can I charge my phone? Is there Wi-Fi on site?


There will be multiple charging points around the site in various venues and cafés. Electric hook-ups are also available to book for your camping pitch (for a fee). Wi-Fi will be available in some of the café venues at Satellites.

Can I bring my pet?


We don’t allow our guests to bring animals onto site. If you need to bring animals for assistive purposes, then please contact us.

What time do the gates open?


Gates will be manned around the clock for emergency purposes. Between the hours of midnight and 8am, access to the site will be limited with access only given in specific circumstances (illness, parents collecting a young person, etc).

Are there any shops nearby?


There are! Tesco Extra (with a Boots, Costa and a number of other high street shops) is a 10-minute drive from site (PE7 8BD). For the daily essentials there’s a small Co-op (PE2 5TD) or a Tesco Express (PE2 6XN) a 5-minute drive from site.

Can I get food delivered to site?


Yep – delivery vehicles from local supermarkets will be allowed to drive to the main gate for you to collect your order from. Our team won't be able to receive or sign for the deliveries so please make sure you give the delivery driver your mobile number so they can let you know when they arrive!


Hopefully the team page covers most of the information you might want to know about joining a Satellites team, but if you need some help with your application or you’ve got any questions, please drop us an email.

How old do I have to be to serve on team?


Satellites teams will be open to anyone aged 16 and over, with some requiring team members to be 18 and over. Any team members under the age of 18 will need a letter from a parent or guardian giving them permission to be on a team. Any team members under 18 can opt for the 50/50 ticket if they would prefer to – this is an opportunity to be on team for half of a shift each day, and enjoy the event as a guest for the rest of the time.

How long do I have to serve for?


Depending on your role, each team member should expect to serve around eight hours each day (minimum of six hours and maximum of ten hours each day). Those with a 50/50 ticket should expect to serve for about four hours each day.

I am bringing a youth group, can I still be on team?


We love that you’re up for serving at Satellites! However if you’re coming to Satellites as a youth leader, we’d love your young people to be your focus during the week. Serving for eight hours a day might not allow you to give your young people the care that they need and so we’d encourage youth leaders to not serve on the Satellites team.

There are always exceptions though so if you’re sure you can handle both roles, please pop us an email so we can chat this through with you.

I have additional needs – can I still serve on team?


Of course! We may ask for a bit more information about your additional needs on the application form, so that we can best support you during the week.

Do I need a DBS check?


For some roles, yes. If you are serving on a team that requires a DBS check, you’ll receive an email asking you to apply when you complete your team application. If you already have an Enhanced DBS and are on the Update Service, you should be able to to provide evidence of your current certificate. Details of how to do this will be included in the automatic DBS application email – if you have any questions on this, please get in touch.

Who can be my referee?


We ask that your referee is either:

  • the senior leader of your church
  • your employer
  • a leader from somewhere you may volunteer

You can’t choose a friend or someone who is related to you, and you must have known them for at least six months. Please also let them know that you’ve put their name down to be your referee and give them a heads up to expect an email from us!