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Satellites 2024

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Satellites is a summer event for young people, brought to you by the team at Youthscape. It’s a five-day gathering, designed to inspire teenagers to live with God at the centre of their lives for the other 360 days of the year.

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Come and camp with your youth group – we’ll help you plan if it’s your first time.

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Innovative, varied programme aimed at all stages of faith and none.

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Make memories together and see lives transformed.

Your first 5 tickets are free!

Every group that registers will be able to claim 5 free Satellites tickets – worth £645

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“Night two I recommitted my faith to Jesus and I was truly peaceful for the first time in years, the third night I felt the power of the Holy Spirit over me and I was crying my eyes out and yet it was the best experience of my life.”

Amy, 14

“Through the course of the week at Satellites I became closer and closer - he became closer and truer. I could feel God again - pushing at the walls and closed doors in my heart and mind. The Bible was brought alive to me. And on the final night, I let God back in.”

Ryan, 15

“I’ve been struggling with my identity and how this fits into my faith, and throughout Satellites I felt God repeatedly telling me He loves me which has helped me realise I don’t need to know every answer, just knowing God’s love and grace for me is enough.”

Amber, 13
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What’s it like?

A typical day at Satellites…

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You provide

The camping, the food and supervision of the young people you bring.

We provide

A safe environment where all are welcome and a creative, engaging programme that meets the need of every young person.

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How Satellites can

help your youth work


Being part of the bigger church

Your youth group may be small but there are thousands of other groups just like yours. Satellites brings you together and helps young people realise they are part of a big and beautiful story of a global church diverse in culture but sharing the same faith. That experience can be life-changing for young Christians.


Being away and open to God

A few days away from home and everyday challenges can create the space for young people to think more deeply than ever about their life and faith. It’s often a moment of new commitment and transformation.


Deeper relationships in your group

There’s nothing like a shared experience of camping to bring you together! Youth leaders tell us Satellites creates the space to get to know young people in a way that doesn’t always happen week to week at home.