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A helpful page for any questions you may have related to your account.


Do I have to create an account to make an order?

Yes you do, and we promise it's not for any suspicious reasons. It's to help us have the relevant information we need to process your order, for our own auditing records, and to be able to help if anything goes wrong.

I can’t sign in to my online account?

If you can't remember your details, click the "forgotten my password" button when you try to login and it should direct you through the process to retrieve your login details. If that doesn't work or you can't login for a different reason, click the online chat button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (the happy pink fella) and we'll help you from there.

Is my information secure and private?

Yes. We take privacy very seriously. We comply with all GDPR regulations. For more information check out our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Can I close my account?

Yes you can close your account. You can opt in or out of subscription preferences in your account. And you can remove your login details from our website to close you account at any time. However your purchase history and details are securely archived for auditing purposes.

For any other queries regarding your account that haven't been answered here; please email us at store@youthscape.co.uk or use the online chat at the bottom of the screen.

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