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Anti-Racism Conversations

Racism exists. 95% of young black people report hearing racist language or witnessing racism in UK schools (YMCA, 2020). In 2021 – 2022, 43% of hate crimes reported to charity Stop Hate UK were motivated by race (Stop Hate UK, 2021). While many might think racist attitudes and actions have lessened over the years, the stark reality is that racism today

is as persistent and as devastating in impact as it’s ever been.

Just saying “I’m not racist” isn’t enough. To change the world, we need anti-racism.

Anti-Racism Conversations (ARC) is a new resource designed to encourage young people (and their teachers and leaders) to explore racial justice and start their journey towards anti-racism. ARC helps its participants understand obvious and more hidden racism in society and learn what they can do to stand up against racism in the world right now.

Youthscape has worked with experts in the field to create a highly adaptable card-based resource. The cards use a traffic light system to help users think through the things that they need to stop doing; things that they need to look listen and learn from; and the things they need to go and do as they strive to be anti-racist. Each card contains content for young people to read though and questions for them to reflect on them. Certain cards also contain additional video content and activities to further reinforce the points made in the cards.

Having conversations with young people about anti-racism is so important and this resource facilitates those discussions in a simple way. The facilitators guide outlines a number of ways the resource can be used whether in a school or church context. Due to the topics discussed we recommend using this resource with young people aged 13 or over.

Anti-Racism Conversations

Anti-Racism Conversations (ARC) is a new resource to encourage young people to explore racial justice and start their journey towards anti-racism.


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“This is a much needed resource for anyone who wants learn how to be an Anti-Racist”

Natalie Evans Co-Founder of Everyday Racism

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Let's delve inside

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STOP: Identify racist attitudes and behaviour, and agree that these are wrong and need to change

Look v3


LOOK: Learn about the ways that racism appears throughout our culture, and to recognise its more subtle versions and impacts

Go v3


GO: Take positive and proactive steps in anti-racism, together and individually

Take a look

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What's in the box?

  • Five red 'Stop' cards, containing some reading followed by simple exercises and questions for young people to work through.
  • Five amber 'Look' cards, each explaining a different activity with supplementary questions to discuss after playing.
  • Five green 'Go' cards, containing some practical advice for how to be anti-racist, and a specific challenge to complete.
  • Five envelopes containing expansion activities for amber cards 1 – 5
  • Detailed facilitators guide




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