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Head Strong Journal

"The journal was really helpful and made me understand my emotional well-being much better. My favourite activity was the positive affirmations because it made me feel happier in myself."

Young person 18

"Fantastic design and content to get you thinking and to help you shape thoughts and actions to make decisions that will be great for mental and emotional health. Full of ideas, thought triggers and headspace that will help make sense of whatever life is throwing at you."

Dr Kate Middleton Mind and Soul, Director.

Head Strong Journal


A creative journal for looking after your mental and emotional health.


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Head Strong Journal



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Thinking. Talking. Doing. Moving. Eating. Resting.

These are the six areas that Head Strong explores, each of which relates to healthy state of mental and emotional wellbeing. This journal will take you on a journey by talking you through each area and how it relates to your mental and emotional health, as well as suggesting loads of fun, creative and reflective activities that can help you grow in those areas. The journal shows how these different parts of our lives can affect and impact each other, and how caring for each of them makes a vital difference. It provides a holistic look at what caring for our wellbeing means, and how we can do that in simple ways.

The journal is full of quotes, games, activities, reflections and different creative ideas that relate to day-to-day life, and help keep young people headstrong.

Head Strong Journal



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