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Games With A Purpose

"Used lots of games from this book which have been a real hit with the teens I work with. Fully recommend!"

Matt Lee Community Youth Worker, Matrix Trust

Games With A Purpose

More than 200 different creative ways to have fun AND get young people thinking. An essential for everyone working with young people.


Martin Saunders


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Games With A Purpose



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Have you ever planned a youth group session with games and a teaching slot but no bridge between the two?

Have you ever attempted a tenuous but creative link between the game you just played and the Bible verse you're just about to read?

This book is for you!

Youthscape’s Martin Saunders and youth-worker-turned-priest Jimmy Young have compiled a massive TWO HUNDRED games designed specifically for use in Christian youth group contexts.

Categorised into sections from quick-fire challenges to food-based, festive and team games, each of the games includes thought-through links to help you to connect them to teaching points and other thematic content in your sessions.

The days of random filler games are over: Games With A Purpose includes stacks of original and inventive activities that will help young people to have fun and connect with key concepts around faith and life.

Suitable for: 11-19 year olds.

Games With A Purpose



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