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Let's talk!

Conversation can be an amazing form of connection, but sometimes it’s tricky getting started. These playing cards are designed to spark conversation and help a young person explore their identity, relationships and values. Ideal for all kinds of relational youth work, from mentoring to group work, from school to church settings. They probably work best with you people aged 11-16.

The relaxed, open-ended questions cover four areas of life :

  • YOU | “Who am I?"
  • OTHERS | “How do I relate to other people?"
  • WORLD | “What’s my place in the world?”
  • BELIEFS | “What are my beliefs and values?”

Our old Schoolswork playing cards have been one of our most popular resources, and now we’ve given them a major revamp. We’ve rewritten 75% of the questions (we kept our favourites) to keep them fun, relevant and interesting for young people today. Some questions lean more towards the trivial, others offer the chance to go a bit deeper. The cards make for perfect ice-breakers as well as an avenue into deeper conversations about life. They can be a useful focus for a 1-1 session, or could get a whole room engaged in ridiculous debate or deep discussion.

Alongside the colourful designs they’re also a full 52-card, four-suit, Ace-King set, so you can integrate them with your favourite card games, or, if you’re feeling talked out, just play cards! We hope these help get you and young people lost in some excellent conversations.

Youthscape Playing Cards: Talking About Life

Conversation-starter playing cards to get young people thinking and talking about life: who we are, who and what we love, and our place in the world.


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YS Playing Cards: Talking About Life



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Suitable for: Young people (suggested age 11-16)

YS Playing Cards: Talking About Life



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