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We've made a new Shuffle: Mindset. It's reset and refreshed to work better for you.

After the release of the first Shuffle: Mindset last year, we’ve spent time gathering feedback and hearing young people’s and youth leaders’ evaluations of the resource – a key part of our innovation process. We’ve heard about what worked and what didn’t with young people, and we’ve listened to the suggestions you’ve made for improvement. This second edition is the result of that evaluation. Some cards have stayed the same, some we’ve decided not to include, some have been tweaked slightly and some we’ve rewritten altogether – approximately 50% of the pack is brand new material!

A great addition to this new pack is the inclusion of a wall chart poster for young people to stick up and mark off their progress as they complete each card. We’ve made the card codes and corresponding Bible verses much easier to understand, and hope young people will feel inspired to look up the passages in a Bible or online for themselves.

We are so excited about this updated edition and hope this resource will be a great practical tool for young people trying to reinforce their mental health and increase their emotional wellbeing.

Want to develop a healthy mindset?

Shuffle is a card-based activity – a challenge to take on for up to six weeks. The Mindset Edition will help you to inject some activities into everyday life to reinforce your mental health and increase your wellbeing.

For six weeks, you’re invited to pick and ‘play’ one card each day, discarding the cards from the deck as you complete them. Each card includes two important things; an inspirational quote, based on ancient wisdom, and a challenge for the day. Each day you can decide if you want to do that day’s challenge, or try something different. If you’re up for it, take on the challenge, and allow yourself to have a little adventure today. If not, just put it back in the pack, shuffle, and then try a different card.

That’s it. See if you can work your way through all 42 cards, and notice what happens to your mindset as a result.

Shuffle: Mindset (Second Edition)

A freshly updated six-week journey designed to help teenagers reinforce their mental health and increase their wellbeing.


Games, Playing Cards

shuffle: mindset



10 packs of Shuffle: Mindset



Take a look

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Some people like to do Shuffle on their own. Others like to do it with a friend so there’s someone to share each challenge with each day, or even to find a group of three or four friends to do it together. It’s up to you!

Suitable for: Young people from age 11

What's in the box?

  • 42 cards each containing an inspirational quote and a challenge
  • Wall chart poster to track your progress
  • Take Me To Your Leader card
  • Instruction card so you know what to do

shuffle: mindset



10 packs of Shuffle: Mindset



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