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Rage, Despair & Hope

"Simon's artwork provides a new vivid and personal insight into the book of Job. Both the simplicity and scale of his work show the eternal relevance of this startling book."

Neil Ruckman Storyteller, teacher and drama practitioner

"I first came across the Job artwork and materials that come with it seven years ago and I was so impressed that I founded an entire religious education strategy around it. I’m completely inspired by the art and the principles of reflection that surround it"

John Prockter Director, Catalyst Youth Trust

Rage, Despair & Hope

A powerful film and workshop exploring the difficult emotions of rage, despair and hope using the story of Job.


Activity Resources

Rage, Despair & Hope



More Detail

Rage, despair and hope. Three emotions familiar to most 16-19 year olds – a generation who are angry enough to march with older students in protest over fees, despairing enough to consider ending their lives and hopeful enough to go travelling and see the world. Three emotions that resonate through history – motivating people to action. Three emotions which run as threads through ancient wisdom literature – particularly the biblical story of Job.

Si Smith, a renowned UK-based artist, was commissioned to create a series of 22 triptychs to help young people explore these emotions through the story of Job. The triptychs he created - a picture in three parts used widely in religious art - are a stunning exploration of Job with a contemporary twist. They're accompanied by a beautiful musical soundtrack with excerpts from the Biblical story. Young people find Smith's work compelling and powerful, making this ancient story relevant to their own experiences.

RE teachers, those responsible for SMSC in schools, and youth workers have found 'Rage, despair and hope' to be a vital resource for school assemblies, RE lessons and for displays in classrooms and corridors. The download contains a detailed programme and materials for an RE conference half day or day for students - something that has proved especially successful since publication. There are also a wealth of games and activities to facilitate student's exploration of the emotions of rage, despair and hope. You can view the artwork on a Powerpoint presentation or download and print out each piece.

Rage-despair and hope was developed with 16-19 year olds in mind, but the materials have proved valuable and relevant to young people from the age of 13. Youth workers will also find plenty here to use in church settings and youth programmes.

Compiled by Lat Blaylock (Editor, RE Today), Chris Curtis and Rachel Warwick (Youthscape), Rev David Skinner (Baptist minister) and Toni Coulton (Chair, FESTIVE).

Suitable for: Designed for 16-19's but suitable for 13+

What's in the box?

  • 29 minute film telling the story of Job through the 22 artwork files with audio commentary.
  • A short creative film of the story of Job made by the Lacey Theatre Company.
  • Individual files of all the pieces of artwork and audio.
  • Curriculum materials, games & activities needed for single lessons or a series of sessions.
  • Supporting materials including interview with the artist.

Rage, Despair & Hope



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