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Youth Work From Scratch

"I am so grateful for this brilliant book"

Gavin Calver Evangelical Alliance

"This is not a book that you can just read and put down, it is a book you have to work through and do stuff with. It is written very well, in the author’s traditional humour-filled, accessible, yet also challenging, theologically thorough and surprisingly deep style. It is also filled with tools to help your work - from identifying needs and evaluating practices to providing appraisal frameworks and problem-solving flow-charts. It also includes a very handy FAQ section at the end with a variety of questions supplied by youth workers which help cover a good range of ‘what if’ scenarios."

5-star review Premier Youth and Children's Work Magazine

Youth Work From Scratch

A practical guide for churches looking to build sustainable youth ministry.


Martin Saunders


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Youth Work From Scratch



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Are you eager to see children and young people in your church once again?

Many churches and Christian organisations have ploughed money and resources into youth work projects, only to see their initiatives wither and with it their confidence and enthusiasm.

With case studies and principles which address both new projects and those which require a 'jumpstart', plus specific chapters which look at how to regenerate an old project, Martin Saunders applies his considerable experience to help such youth ministries change direction for the better. He addresses a host of 'big picture' issues such as: envisioning your church; recruiting and training volunteers and different models of youth ministry. The book covers spiritual issues such as adopting strong spiritual disciplines and soliciting prayer support and considers practicalities: your first term; how do you encourage young people to lead; how do you build for the long-term and what to do when you run out of steam.

Suitable for: Church leaders and youth workers

Youth Work From Scratch



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