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We need to talk about sex

So often we think about sex as ‘it’, a vague, unnameable thing, but as culture continues to move rapidly, it’s more important than ever that our voices are clear and confident when we talk to youth about sex. With the advancement in sex-tech and changing societal attitudes, we’re preparing young people for a very different world – one we all need to be able to talk about.

In The Sex Thing, Rachel Gardner unpacks a visual framework that can inspire and empower conversations with young people about sex. Focusing on both how young people explore sexual wholeness and what conversations they would need to engage with in that journey of sexual maturity, she offers practical advice for navigating difficult conversations with youth and talking to them confidently and openly.

Whether you are involved in youth ministry or are parenting young adults yourself, The Sex Thing is a brilliant Christian book for anyone looking for a better, more productive way of talking to youth about sex. Packed full of tips and guidance drawn from years of experience, it will equip you with all the tools you need to engage with young people surely and positively.

The Sex Thing: Reimagining conversations with young people about sex

The Sex Thing is an accessible, practical book that will empower Christian parents and youth leaders when talking to young people about sex.


Rachel Gardner



The Sex Thing



"The Sex Thing is a much-needed challenge to anyone serving in youth ministry. A timely
reminder of the need to intentionally create space for honest, open conversations about sex."

Jimmy Dale National Youth evangelism Officer

"This book is everything we need it to be and more. As a church leader and as a mother of two preteens, I’m grateful for Rachel’s honesty, wisdom and challenge for us to leave behind awkward mumblings and instead have informed, relevant and real conversations that are so much wider than sex talks of the past. The Sex Thing overflows with beautiful theology, helping us to guide our young people as they grow in their relationship with God and apply what they know about who he is to their lives."

Ali Martin Soul Survivor Watford

The Sex Thing



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