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Why support us?


Young people are amazing – and they deserve the best start in life we can give them. Youthscape is passionate about making that possible.


Young people sometimes need extra help when they’re growing up.

CHARLOTTE felt overwhelmed when she moved to secondary school and started self-harming in secret as a way of coping. Not even her parents knew.

DEAN began hanging out with a gang in the evenings and soon started to disengage from school and play truant.

SHAPLA started having panic attacks at school when she started her GCSE courses, and her anxiety meant she sometimes couldn’t even face her friends.

Youthscape is helping young people across Luton who are dealing with these kinds of issues – and others. Our approach as youth workers often connects with young people where others can’t. We visit schools, work out in the community and welcome them to our award-winning youth centre at Bute Mills.


YOUTHSCAPE IS PROUD TO BE A LUTON CHARITY working for the good of all young people. Founded by a group of churches and community groups in 1993, we're trusted by schools, parents, and most importantly young people, to help them deal with the challenges of adolescence.

WE'RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Every year we meet thousands of young people in schools, and work with more than three hundred in-depth through one of our projects. We're tackling mental health, loneliness and the challenges of leaving care. We're helping young people counter the pressures of social media. We're creating opportunities for them to grow and develop in confidence and purpose.

WE THINK YOUNG PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. They see the world differently, and more sharply. They challenge the prejudices and assumptions of our society. Their energy and hope is contagious. We owe it to them to create a space in our community for them to flourish. That's why we do what we do.

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