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About the Centre


The Youthscape Centre for Research is a Think Tank situated at the heart of Youthscape. We believe that innovation in youth work, and sustainable change for young people requires reflective, rigorous and theologically grounded research.


Our mission

We serve the wider vision of Youthscape - to see positive transformation in the lives of all young people. The Centre for Research creates and shares knowledge, that stimulates reflection and action to improve young people’s lives.

We particularly aim to serve and inform Christian youth workers, and the wider Church, but conduct research on the needs and experiences of young people in general, adopting a holistic approach to their emotional, spiritual and social health.


Our aims

  • Create new research that illuminates the worlds young people inhabit, and that catalyses change in the ways people think about and act toward young people
  • Make relevant research accessible to those who can use it to support young people
  • Shape wider conversations, nationally and internationally, about young people, youth work and faith
  • Support the work of the wider Youthscape team, particularly in the areas of innovation, evaluation and the use of evidence

Our work

Staff undertake research in diverse settings, using a variety of methods including surveys, case studies, interviews and focus groups. We then disseminate our findings and other interesting pieces of research through our publications, blogs, social media and our quarterly ‘zine The Story. Finally, we look for opportunities to network and support other researchers and develop courses and contexts where youth workers can engage in deeper learning.


Our approach

  • Working in community by creating new knowledge in conversation with youth workers, young people, churches, charities and other organisations
  • Bridging the gap by rooting academic reflection in local practice and making the rich resources of academia accessible to youth workers.
  • Fostering curiosity, and intellectual and spiritual courage.
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