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Luton Unite is the way churches across Luton work together to support and care for young people in their congregations.


Join us for the Luton Unite Weekend at Home!

This February, Luton Unite is doing a weekend away… at home! The days will be full of all the things you know and love about Luton Unite plus the unexpected: Games, prizes, talks, worship, activities, trips.. we have so much in store, you don’t want to miss it!

Date: February 18th-19th
1pm-10pm each day
Bute Mills
Tickets include:
all your food and drinks (including Saturday’s big LU breakfast), activities, trips & transport

To sign up you just need to do two things. Firstly, fill in the form below to provide relevant young person's and parent/carer's details. Then, buy your ticket using the blue button on this page where it says 'add to cart'. See you soon!


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Monthly Luton Unite events

Luton Unite put on exciting monthly events for young people. Each evenings is an opportunity for young people to meet those from different churches and denominations, and to be part of a growing and vibrant event. We want young people to be introduced to the breadth and depth of the Christian community in Luton.

Evening events may involve worship, invited speakers and social activities. Previous events have included playing a real-life version of the hugely popular video game Fortnite, and a summer beach party. There is also a Christmas Ball held every December.

Youth workers wanting more information about bringing a group to Luton Unite should contact Jemimah Woodbridge using the contact information on this page.

Youth leader meetings

Luton Unite doesn't just put on events for young people, it's about supporting volunteer and paid youth leaders too. We hold a half-termly meeting of youth leaders where you can meet others, get advice and training, and find encouragement and support.

For more information or any questions about how to get involved, email Jemimah Woodbridge.

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