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The Bute Mills Drop-in exists to give young people in Luton a safe space to hang out after school, where they can build relationships with each other and find a sense of community.


Bute Mills Drop-in takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time from 3.30pm-6pm for young people in school Years 9-13. It is a safe space to hang out, have fun, meet new people, chat to youth workers, and take part in different games and activities.

Every evening at 5.15pm, we turn the PS5s and iMacs off, put the pool cues down, and sit around our tables to eat dinner together. Our amazing team of cooks always serve up delicious meals and desserts; they are great at catering for all dietary requirements, and its all completely free too!

On your child's first visit to Youthscape’s Drop-in, our team will give them a tour of the Drop-in space and they’ll also get a free slushy. We will take some emergency contact information from them when they arrive so we can get in touch with you immediately if needed, and will also outline the culture and rules of the space.

In order for your child to attend Bute Mills Drop-in, we do need your consent and details of any medical or dietary information. Please can you complete the below consent form as soon as possible so we have this.

We look forward to seeing your child at Drop-in! Everyone is welcome and can drop in at any time during the hours that the space is open. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with Gemma Milligan at gemma.milligan@youthscape.co.uk.

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