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In the new season of our youth worker devotional Open Me, the Psalms are our guide to deepening our spiritual lives after the challenges of COVID.

Published: 4 Oct, 2021

Uncomfortable Hope

Season 11

Uncomfortable Hope

Published: 6 Jan, 2020

In the latest season of our youth worker devotional Open Me, Rachel Gardner explores the meaning of 'hope'.

Season 10


Published: 7 Jun, 2019

A season exploring how Jesus' life and ministry embodied the creativity at the heart of the universe.

Season 9


Published: 11 Mar, 2019

What does it mean to call Jesus and 'Prince of Peace' and what does it mean for how we are called to live?

Season 8


Published: 19 Nov, 2018

Season 8 of Open Me focuses on how Jesus' life proved so disruptive and threatening to the authorities of his day that he had to be killed.

Season 7


Published: 4 Jul, 2018

Season 7 of Open Me introduces four fresh, creative takes on some ancient spiritual practices.

Season 6


Published: 19 Feb, 2018

When was the last time you were surprised by Jesus? We're inviting you to be bewildered, delighted and confused all over again.

Season 5


Published: 14 Nov, 2017

Season 5 of Open Me explores the theme of authority. Through six powerful devotionals, discover what authority means in the life of Jesus - and what it means for us today.

Season 4


Published: 6 Jun, 2017

Humility gets a bad rap in today's world, but it was at the heart of how Jesus lived. What does it mean to be willing to lay aside our power and choose to serve?

Season 3


Published: 13 Sept, 2016

In this season of Open Me we're exploring what it takes to hold on, and, when all else fails, to trust that God is holding us.

Season 2


Published: 11 Feb, 2016

Our second season of Open Me dives into the question of integrity and what it means that our insides match our outside.

Season 1


Published: 18 Jun, 2015

Jesus famously told his disciples to “take heart”, or “take courage”. So how do we take it from him? How do we learn from Jesus what it means to face the things that intimidate and scare us?
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