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Theology & Research


Here at Youthscape, we seek to bridge the often disconnected worlds of academic theology, research and on-the-ground youth ministry.


Theology, research, and youth ministry belong together. We are committed to rigorous theological reflection of our own practice, and, through wider research projects, the practice of youth ministry up and down the country.

This has two main purposes. Firstly, we want to communicate all of the riches of academic theology to those who are putting it into practice every day in their work with young people. Secondly, we want to bring the wealth of experience of youth work practitioners to bear on theological thinking.

To achieve this, we have four main objectives:


CREATE. We will carry out pieces of theological research to further thinking in youth ministry in the UK.

SUPPORT. We will support the wider Youthscape team in promoting theological exploration of practice.

CURATE. We will continue to reflect on and develop our existing research.

SHARE. We will share and disseminate our thinking and research in an accessible format to practitioners and academics.

Theology of Innovation

Theology of Innovation

Innovation is theological: a vital improvisation in the midst of a divine drama. Youth work needs this theology so it can be inventive, reflective, and kept free from despair.

Dr Lucie Moore Dr Lucie Moore

The ongoing conversation

Theology is a conversation. In the the blog exchange below Phoebe Hill and David Bailey explored the idea of 'theological shorthand' and its relevance to youth ministry today.

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