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Hello and welcome to Anti-Racism Conversations!

“I’m not racist” isn’t enough. To change the world, we need anti-racism.

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Racism exists. 95% of young black people report hearing racist language or witnessing racism in UK schools (YMCA, 2020). In 2021 – 2022, 43% of hate crimes reported to charity Stop Hate UK were motivated by race (Stop Hate UK, 2021). While many might think racist attitudes and actions are not as common now as in the past, the grim reality is that racism today is as constant and as devastating in impact as it’s ever been.

Just saying “I’m not racist” isn’t enough. To change the world, we need anti-racism.

Anti-Racism Conversations (ARC) is a new resource designed to help people think more about racial justice and to help you start your journey towards anti-racism. ARC explains about obvious and more hidden racism present in culture today and challenges you to think about what you can do to stand up against racism in the world right now.

Youthscape has worked with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to create this card-based resource. The cards use a traffic light system to help you think through the things that you need to stop doing; things that you need to look listen and learn from; and the things you need to go and do as you aim to be anti-racist.


STOP: Identify racist attitudes and behaviour, and agree that these are wrong and need to change

LOOK: Learn about the ways that racism appears throughout our culture, and to recognise its more subtle versions and impacts

GO: Take positive and proactive steps in anti-racism, together and individually


YMCA Young and Black Report, October 2020,

Stop Hate UK Statistical Review, 2021-22,

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It’s great that you’re wanting to take this practical step and make a commitment to become anti-racist.

Truly making - and working to stick to - this decision is one of the most profound ways that we can fight racism in all its forms.

This is just the first step on your anti-racism journey!

In the space below, enter your first name, location (but nothing that will specifically identify you) and email address. By doing this you are simply adding your name to a long list of people who are committed to working towards a future where racism is truly a thing of the past. You’ll then receive an email and be able to print or screenshot a small token that reminds you of that commitment.