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What does it mean to be BRAVE in a world which is unpredictable, complex and often challenging?

How do we equip and enable young people to manage the things they find tough so that they can dig deep and grow confident, resilient and ready to step into the adult world?

BRAVE is a free library of downloadable resources from Headstrong - a Youthscape project supporting young people's emotional wellbeing online, whilst resourcing those who work alongside them. BRAVE is here to help YOU as a leader to feel equipped to have good conversations with young people around some of the key topics (GIANTS) they are facing right now. Here you will find all you need to create bespoke sessions where young people can process and ponder the challenges they face and find confidence to get through them.

But BRAVE is also about helping YOU to understand your experiences after the pandemic. Below you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you reflect a bit on the impact this time has had upon you and offer some practical ways to process that.

At its heart, BRAVE is about empowering you and your young people to recognise and release inner strength and capability, build confidence and resilience to help you (and them) to stand tall against the GIANTS life so often brings up.



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We all have an idea of how our life story might play out. But what do you do when life throws in something you never wanted to be part of the script? How do you manage unexpected challenges like bereavement, illness - or global pandemic?! What are the stages of working through tough stuff - and how can we help ourselves or those we’re supporting to process things that have happened and journey through?

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We all like to be in control - and one of the challenges of recent months has been the way life has changed due to things which are completely OUT of our control. Issues with control are related to many emotional problems, so why is this such a big issue - and how can understanding our inbuilt instinct for control help us to feel better in life’s more chaotic times?

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Who ARE you? One of the big challenges for the adolescent brain is to figure out the answer to this question and start to form that adult concept and understanding of identity. Knowing who you are shapes so many things: how you interact with the world, your relationships, your confidence and ability to step into new spaces and out of your comfort zone. But in a world with so much to say about who you SHOULD be, how do you deal with challenges to your identity? What does healthy identity look like - and how can we help young people exploring this in today’s social media obsessed world where you can choose who you want to tell the world you are?

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It’s the F word we least like to talk about - but we all have flaws and moments where we mess up. How do we learn to fail well and fight the fear of failure that can hold us back from trying new things? How do we manage difficulties so often linked to feeling like we’ve failed like perfectionism and guilt? And how do you pick yourself up when you’ve fallen and failed REALLY badly?



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