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YS 186

The New Normal Ep 10 - Encountering God

30 November 2020

How can we do effective youth ministry in this season? This week, Rachel talks to worship leader Hannah Hodges about innovation in worship. Martin and Rachel discuss their experience of helping young people encounter God in their local churches.


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2. Hannah Hodges is a lecturer at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts and a worship leader at her church, St Mark's in Coventry. You can listen to some of their recent songs here.

3. On this podcast episode, we played a song called "Emmanuel", released by St Mark's Coventry. Copyright: St Mark's Worship: Hannah Hodges, Andrew Shelton & Reuben Williams.

4. We've released the full season of "Together Apart 2: God at the Centre", our set of free, ready to download youth work sessions. Download it here.

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