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Everybody Now - Climate Podmarch

19 October 2020

We interrupt our regular podcast schedule to bring you "Everybody Now". Today, this podcast is being released by podcasters all over the world as a collective call for awareness, grief and loving action.


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2. With contributions from:

3. This podcast was crowdfunded by a handful of good souls, and produced by Tim Nash and David Benjamin Blower.

4. Permissions:

  • The song Happily by Flo Brady is used with permission.
  • The song The Soil, from We Really Existed and We Really Did This by David Benjamin Blower, used with permission.
  • The Poem The Tree of Knowledge by Pádraig Ó Tuama used with permission.
  • The Poem Atlas by Zena Kazeme used with permission.
  • The Poem What is Man? by Rowan Williams from the book The Other Mountain, used with permission from Carcanet Press.
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