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YS Podcast Special Edition 19: Young People and Racial Justice with James Aidoo

4 June 2020

This week Rachel speaks to James Aidoo, founder of coaching company Innerscope, about engaging young people on the subject of racial justice and what we can all do to keep this conversation at the forefront.


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2. James Aidoo is an award-winning youth intervention practitioner with extensive experience in tackling some of the most complex issues related to youth engagement, behaviour for learning and team communication. He is the founder of Innerscope, a coaching company that exists to equip learners and leaders with advanced emotional intelligence while exploring themes such as, leadership, applied emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and team culture. Find out more here.

3. How are you engaging the young people you serve in conversations around racial justice? We're asking you about this on the 3x3 survey this week.

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