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YS 105

Youth Ministry in Europe with Evi Rodemann

At Youthscape we love developing key partnerships and friendships, and one of our absolute favourites (apart from all of you, obviously!) is Evi Rodemann.

YS 104

Youth and Innovation with Christina Baillie

The Diocese of Connor sent us their new youth discipleship resource, created by teenagers. Martin got in touch with their DYO, Christina to find out more.

YS 103

Student Ministry with Rich Wilson

Rich Wilson was in town so we grabbed an interview about student ministry, its relationship with youth work and how churches can prepare students for university.

YS 102

Safeguarding Matters with Justin Humphries

This week we hear from Justin Humphries, CEO of the newly rebranded thirtyone:eight for a discussion around safeguarding and why it matters.

YS 101

Interfaith Youth Ministry with The Feast

A real treat this week with Ulrike Hunt and Dumaeza Nhlapo from The Feast. If you were wondering how we‘d follow Justin Welby, this is it.

YS 100

Prayer and Youth Work with Justin Welby

Recorded on location in Lambeth Palace, we bring you the nostalgic ramblings of Martin and Rachel, ably interrupted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Or Justin.

YS 99

Young Leaders and Church with Chap Clark

Martin catches up with his old friend Chap Clark for a chat about welcoming and including young people at church, young leader programmes and more.

YS 98

Film and The Kingdom with Steven Mitchell

Fresh (?) from the Youth Work Summit 2014, Steven Mitchell brings an updated version of his fantastic "The Kingdom of God in Five Films"

YS 97

Youth Evangelism with James Fawcett

Martin and Rachel discuss the recently published Barna research with James Fawcett which claims that half of all millennials think that sharing faith is wrong.

YS 96

Sexual Ethics with Sean Doherty

With the 2nd annual Youthscape / St Mellitus Lecture just days away, this week's podcast features the Rev Dr Sean Doherty for a sneak preview

YS 95

Youth Work Salaries with Ali Campbell

Driving all the way from Clitheroe, Ali Campbell joined Rachel and Martin in the studio to talk about salaries, line management and general employment stuff.

YS 94

Peace and Reconciliation with Jim McDowell

Rachel and Martin talk to Jim McDowell from YouthLink in Northern Ireland about Irish politics and the daily impact this has on teenagers.

YS 93

Climate Change with Ruth Valerio

Why does climate change matter? What can we do about it as individuals, families, youth groups and churches? All this and more from Ruth Valerio.

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