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YS 219

Big Conversations Episode 3 - Talking about... Conflict & Trauma

2 May 2022

What are the big conversations we're having with young people? Lots of churches are talking about the Russian-Ukraine conflict at the moment, so Martin and Rachel caught up with David Bunce to chat about helping traumatised people.


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2. David Bunce is based in Austria and is the leader of the youth and children's department of the Austrian Baptist Union. Currently, he's running a course for youth leaders with the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Amsterdam and the European Baptist Federation, all about trauma-informed practice. Find out more here! You can also hear more from him on Twitter.

3. Our podcast guest today has written many blog posts for the Youth Work news blog here on the Youthscape website. Check out his latest blog post, delving deeper into conflict, trauma and healthy practices. There are also lots of other interesting and helpful blog posts, so feel free to have a look around!

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