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Big Conversations Episode 9 - Talking about... Social Media

11 July 2022

Martin and Rachel get hung up on a very green coat and sit down with Lahna Pottle to delve into young people's relationship with social media and the world of technology, and how youth leaders can model healthy practice.


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2. Lahna Pottle is the Youth and Young Adults Worker at Shoebury and Thorpe Bay Baptist Church as well as a long time friend of Youthscape.

3. Youthscape Essentials is an innovative new course for volunteer youth leaders that increases your skills and confidence about work alongside young people – whether that’s running a community project, church youth group, or helping out from time to time on a Sunday morning. You can join a group online or in-person at a venue near where you live. You can also register and train to deliver the course to others.

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