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YS 218

Big Conversations Episode 2 - Talking about... The Bible

25 April 2022

What are the big conversations we're having with young people? This week, Martin meets Dan Kimball to talk about some of the challenging parts of the bible and how we help young people engage with them.


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2. Dan Kimball is the author of several books on leadership, church, and culture. He was one of the founders of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California where he still serves on staff. Check out his new book, "How (Not) To Read The Bible (Making Sense of the Anti-Women, Anti-Science, Pro-Violence, Pro-Slavery and Other Crazy Sounding Parts of Scripture)".

3. Looking to incorporate more theological reflection into your everyday life? Check out our newest resource, the Examug - inspired by the Ignatian practice of the Examen. It's a chance to prayerfully review your day while enjoying a cuppa!

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