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Faith and Deconstruction with David Benjamin Blower

15 July 2019

As the Nomad podcast celebrates 10 years, we talk to David Benjamin Blower about podcasting, faith, deconstruction, youth work and more. Don’t miss this one…


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2. David describes himself as a six-string poet, theologian, writer and podcaster, based in Birmingham UK. Download his new album right now (so you've got something to listen to after this great podcast!)

3. David is one of the presenters of the Nomad podcast which should definitely be on your podcast playlist

4. Old Ground, New Rules, the SchoolsworkUK day conference we talk about at the end is on 2nd September in Luton. Find out more and get your tickets in the Youthscape Store.

5. "Following Jesus has to be about more than just words. The Kingdom is about power not talk. It has to be to do with one’s way of being in the world and a love of all that God has made."

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