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The Story 6

4 Jun 2018

Theory of change. History of the Sunday school and analysis. The Princes Trust 2018 Youth Index. Pull out poster: Family


The Story 5

28 Feb 2018

Youth trends for 2018. No Questions Asked (Youthscape) and analysis. Youth culture update. Pull out poster: Anxiety.


The Story 4

18 Sep 2017

Icelandic behavioural model. Talking Jesus research (Hope Together). Gen Z report (Youth for Christ). Pull out poster: Social media.


The Story 3

3 Apr 2017

Passing on Faith (Theos). Rooted in the Church (C of E). Losing Heart (Youthscape) The Prices Trust 2017 Youth Index. Pull out poster: Losing Heart.


The Story 2

6 Dec 2016

Science and youth work. Parents and faith formation. Youth culture update. Voxburner Youth Trends report 2016. Pull out poster: Sexting


The Story 1

1 Sep 2015

Training needs for youth workers. Brain development and spiritual pathways. Youth culture update. Pull out poster: Self-harm.


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