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The Story 17

17 Mar 2021

Lessons from youth workers' pandemic diaries. New research on young people, climate care and the Church. Theological Reflection in youth ministry.

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The Story 16

25 Nov 2020

Youth leader burnout. A theology of youth work in a pandemic. The aspiration gap. An introduction to systemic racism.


The Story 15

9 Sept 2020

New research on young people and COVID-19. Open access youth work in a pandemic. Survey findings from Youth for Christ's 'Z-A of Faith & Spirituality'. Poster: Everything you need to know about online youth work.

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The Story 14

27 May 2020

A coronavirus special edition. Looking at young people's mental health, youth service provision and young people's needs in this crisis.


The Story 13

27 Mar 2020

New ideas: Heidegger and youth ministry. Big picture: Child poverty stats. Learning from co-research with young people.

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The Story 12

13 Nov 2019

New research: terms and conditions of salaried workers. The Good Childhood Report 2019: a quick guide. Youth ministry and theological shorthand.

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The Story 11

12 Aug 2019

New research on image curation and body positivity online. Adolescent brain development. And how do young people engage in sports, arts and culture today?

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The Story 10

30 May 2019

Gen Z: Digital Generation research from Youth for Christ. Experiences of hope among teenagers. Mental health disorders survey.


The Story 9

1 Apr 2019

Loneliness and young people. 'Firm Foundations' - Reflections on youth ministry and young adult faith. SU 'Mission Possible' research on thriving projects.


The Story 8

28 Nov 2018

Theology of youth ministry Special Edition. Why? Who? Where? Theological provocations in tweets. NYMW bingo. Pull out poster: Micah Purnell artwork.


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