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The SchoolsworkUK Network


We’re better together. Across the UK, there are lots of great schools work charities and organisations that support local schools and the people who work in them.


We’re better together.

Across the UK, there are lots of great schools work charities and organisations that support local schools and the people who work in them.

The SchoolsworkUK Network is a group of organisations and charities that want to play their part to support the students of the UK, to help the wider church engage in their local schools, to share ideas and collaborate together.

While the ways we operate will look diverse and we’ll focus on different themes, everyone in the network agrees to a shared set of values:

  • We exist to support, help and serve the school students and staff.
  • We want to work for the benefit of all involved.
  • We believe that every person is made in God’s image, and so we show no favouritism or bias towards groups or individuals in the way we work.
  • We never radicalise students.
  • We only share our faith when and where it is appropriate, and we always follow school policy around this.
  • We do not hide our faith and our faith informs the way we operate, even if indirectly.
  • Our work is accessible to people of all faiths and none.
  • We never operate with a hidden agenda.
  • We want students to live life to the full.

The organisations and charities that make up the network are displayed below. To find out more or head through to their website, please click on their image.


Want to join the SchoolsworkUK Network?

There’s always room for one more!

If you are interested in starting the conversation about becoming part of the network, do get in touch here.

Why should I join?

  • You have something unique to bring
    We appreciate that there is so much wisdom and experience in the work that you do, that we may not know about. We love to learn from each other, and know that your voice is important in the wider schools work conversation, so why not join us an help shape that conversation.
  • We want to do this together
    Simply put, we want to build the kingdom of God, and know that the only way to do that is to do this together. We are one body, one church, and this is an opportunity to share and be able to do schools work in ways that we could never do if we were alone.
  • Better access to events
    Practically, we appreciate that there are lots of events, including training that you put on, and we want to advertise and list any events that would benefit other schools workers, whether volunteer or paid, lay or ordained. If you’re part of the network, we’re more than happy to put your event up on our events page. This way, hopefully more schools workers will know what’s out there to support and resource them!
  • Discount
    We also know that coming along to events can be costly in many ways for you and your team, financially, in time and in travel. We want to make it easier for other schools workers to come to events, so if you are part of the network, we’ll be able to offer a discount on the events that Youthscape put on.
  • Think tanks
    We would love for you to join one of our think tanks. These are groups dedicated to learning, discussing and agitating our thinking around specific subjects. Find out more here.
  • It’s free
    Need I say more? But seriously, we want to remove as many barriers as possible for us to work together. If you still have any questions or hesitations, do get in touch.
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