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Youthscape Essentials


Youthscape Essentials is a free 10-week training course for youth work volunteers, launching in late 2020.


All-round training for every volunteer youth leader.

Young people growing up in church need a safe space to grow in their faith. They’re living in a world where being a Christian makes them the odd one out and which is often critical and even hostile towards that faith. Youth work in churches can make all the difference in helping them find the confidence and support they need at the point where it would be easy to walk away.

Beyond the Church, young people in our communities are growing up in a world where there is hardly any opportunity to explore the big questions of life or get help with some of the pressures of being a teenager.

A hundred years ago, nearly 80% of teenagers were connected with a church where some of that could happen. Now it’s less than 3%. Lots of churches are wondering how they can do more with young people, but they don’t know where to start.

Helping to run any kind of youth work can be pretty intimidating. What kind of groups work? How do you help teenagers deal with some of the issues they’re facing and answer the questions they have? What kind of person is suitable to be a volunteer? What age do you have to be and what experience might you need?



Training and support are important for every volunteer, whatever your role. That’s why we’ve created Youthscape Essentials. It’s a free 10-week course for everyone who is helping with young people at their church. It’s also a perfect starting point for those thinking about getting involved.

Over 10 evenings, you’ll discover more about young people’s lives and experiences, learn new skills and deepen your own faith. It makes no assumptions about your age, your background, your experience or your confidence. Above all, young people want to meet adults who listen and care.

Youthscape Essentials is a safe and rewarding way to be able to do more for young people. Join us this summer as we learn together.


What's the course about?


Key signposts into how today’s young people think, act and spend time.

The practical basics of working with young people.

A chance to reflect on and explore your own life and faith.


Who's it for?


If you:

  • help out on Sunday mornings when young people meet during the service
  • run a confirmation or baptism class
  • help organise a youth group for young people in the church or local community
  • lead the work or help out occasionally
  • tend to run sessions up front or provide support in the background
  • are thinking about starting work with young people or becoming a volunteer
  • just want to know more about how to help young people

then Youthscape Essentials is for you.


Join our pilot course running in Autumn 2020


Ahead of the national launch of Youthscape Essentials at the end of 2020, we're running pilots in two locations for 10 consecutive weeks each, starting in the Autumn. (Note: The original dates were from May 2020 but are being postponed because of the current COVID-19 pandemic)

  • On Tuesday evenings at Bute Mills, Luton
  • On Monday evenings at Preston Minster, in Preston, Lancashire

The pilot programmes will help us finalise the content and approach of the course and give us valuable feedback to make it even more effective.



The best part about Youthscape Essentials is meeting and getting to know other volunteers. That’s why our evening starts with hot dinner together and a chance to chat with each other. Food is served from 6.15pm so it also helps if you need to come straight from a busy day and won’t have had a chance to eat. There’s no charge and we can cater for any food allergies or preferences (please give 24 hours notice of any dietary requirements).


Our sessions run from 7.00pm to 9.00pm with lots of variety and a break for hot drinks. It’s informal and you won’t be expected to know anything in advance. There’ll be talks from youth workers, opportunities to hear what other churches are doing and practical help. You can learn at your own pace and enjoy the experience of meeting others from different churches.

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I have more questions


Do I have to come for dinner?

No, it’s an optional extra, but we hope a popular and helpful one. It makes it easy if you’re coming straight from work and it’s also a great way to meet others taking part.


We definitely recommend it because you’ll get the benefit of the whole course, but don’t worry if you end up having to miss one or two.

Is there a certificate or award for completing the course?

Yes, everyone who completes 7 sessions or more will receive a Youthscape Essentials certificate and free copy of The Gameplan, a special resource created for those who work with young people.

Great, how do I sign up?

We will publish confirmed dates and open for bookings as soon as possible. If you want to know more, take a look at the pilot brochure (ignore the dates!) which you can download on the right-hand side of this page that can tell you more about what's happening. If you have more questions about the course, just email Lucy.

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