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Six fun and creative challenges designed to boost your mood this lockdown, FREE for young people in Luton school years 7-13.


Thanks for your interest in Challenge Accepted! Unfortunately we have limited spaces and these have all been filled now so we've had to close sign-ups.

Are you already bored of lockdown? Up for some creative challenges? Keen to win some huge prizes?

Sign up for ‘Challenge Accepted’ and every Thursday for six weeks (beginning on Thursday 14th January 2021) you will receive a mystery gift delivered to your front door. Open it up to find a link to a video explaining that week’s creative challenge, and some helpful bits and pieces you may need to complete it.

Once you have produced your creative piece, you will need to submit it to Youthscape (instructions on how to do so will also be in your gift pack) to be in the running to win that week’s big prize! Some examples of what we have to give away are a year’s subscription to Disney+, a takeaway for your family, and a brand new pair of Nike/Adidas trainers!

At the end of the six weeks, if you have submitted all six of your creative pieces to Youthscape you will also go into a draw to win one of our ten grand prizes. You could end up with one of nine Domino’s pizzas delivered to your home, or you could even be our one very lucky winner of an iPad!

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out!

If you have any questions about ‘Challenge Accepted’ please get in touch with Gemma Milligan via email at

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