Have you noticed how Jesus had an extraordinary ability to baffle, confound, aggravate and unsettle a lot of people? Open Me Season 6 will explore the ways Jesus still surprises us today.

Open Me is our weekly devotional for Youth Workers. It comes in two parts - a fresh piece of Bible-based inspiration published every week, and a gift which will arrive when you least expect it, by post, text, email or carrier piegeon, always unpredictable but always relevant to the season's theme. Each Open Me season is six weeks long and focusses on an important dimension of Jesus' life and ministry. So far, we've mostly used written articles but season six is bringing a fresh approach, involving musicians, poets, actors and writers.

Season 6 kicks off in February 2018, and a fresh surprise will land in your inbox every Tuesday. Sign up at - and why not encourage other local youth workers to sign up, and get some discussion going between you?

You can look back on our previous seasons which have covered courage, integrity, tenacity, humility and authority.