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Launchpad research project


The Youthscape Centre for Research is undertaking research into the impact of the Launchpad course. This page explains this work in more detail.


1. What is this research about?

Youthscape have been asked to explore scaling up the delivery of the Launchpad Programme. As part of this, the Youthscape Centre for Research is undertaking a learning project to explore the effectiveness of the course. The aim is to understand the impact of Launchpad in a variety of contexts, so that we can see where best to target the resource and what additional support might be needed to help churches get youth work going.

2. How are you approaching the research?

We'll be collecting qualitative and quantitative data through interviews with clergy who have completed Launchpad, an analysis of the feedback data we have to date, and desk-research on developing a ‘theory of change’.

In all this, we want to avoid overly simplistic or mechanistic thinking, and are not looking for 'silver bullets'. Instead we want to recognise the complex realities of trying to start new ministries, and how that is affected by the many things beyond our control!

3. What does it mean for me to be involved?

We are inviting you to take part in an interview via Zoom or phone, with a member of our team. The interview will take 45-60 minutes and would be audio recorded and then transcribed, so we can have an accurate record of what is said.

We'll send you the questions ahead of time, but the conversation is primarily an opportunity for us to understand your context, and what role (if any) the Launchpad course has played in your engagement with young people.

We would like to hear about:

  • what was happening before you engaged in Launchpad
  • how you found the course
  • what has come about as a result of your engagement on the course
  • and what you feel the impact of the course has been in your parish context.

We’d also really value your reflections on ways the course could be improved or what you feel are its essential elements in making it a positive intervention.

We are treating interviews confidentially and will not name you in the research. If we do use a direct quote, we won’t use any information that would identify you.

We will also be looking for a few case studies that help illuminate the ways Launchpad has, or hasn’t helped – and the contexts clergy are working in. If we want to use your experience as a case study, we will come back to you separately to ask your permission to name you/your church.

4. What will you do with the information?

The audio file and notes will be stored securely in a password protected file in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations, and any printed documents will be stored in a locked cupboard. All personal data, apart from signed consent forms will be destroyed two years after publication of the research. Only members of the research team will have access to this data.

The information you share with us will be used to inform the development of the course, and to consider how to scale up delivery across the country over the next few years. Any reports we produce are for internal use by Youthscape and the Church of England Vision and Strategy team, and will not be publicly available. However we may use some quotes in marketing the course to other diocese.

5. How do I know this has been well thought-through?

The research design and tools have been reviewed and approved by the Youthscape Centre for Research Ethics Committee. This provides a framework for how we conduct and report the research, including how to protect the reputations and work of different participants. We are very happy to send you a copy of this ethical protocol of you would like to see it.

If you do agree to take part, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t want to, and you can request that your comments are not quoted in the final report by emailing lucie.shuker@youthscape.co.uk within one month of the interview.

If at any time you would like to talk to someone about the project or make a complaint about the research process, please contact Youthscape’s Director of Research at lucie.shuker@youthscape.co.uk or our CEO, chris.curtis@youthscape.co.uk

6. Is there anything else I need to know?

We can't offer any incentive for taking part in the research, but people often find that interviews can be a valuable opportunity to reflect on a particular issue or experience - in this case young people and the church. By taking part you will also be helping us understand how to best support clergy in their work with young people - and therefore improving the work we do!


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