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Would you like to take part in some new research?


The Youthscape Centre for Research is running an online discussion group over the week of half-term exploring young people's thoughts and reactions to stories in the Christian Bible.

We'd love you to take part!


What's this all about?

Hi, I’m Dr Lucie Moore and I am the Director of Research at Youthscape, a Christian charity that supports young people. We are running a research project at the moment called 'Translating God', which is exploring how the world has changed for young people over the last decade, and what that means for how they view Christian faith.

We are gathering groups of young people to read or listen to a passage of the Bible, and asking them what they make of it. We'll use what we learn to write a report that helps church leaders and youth leaders understand more about young people's views, and how they might need to adapt what they do.


What are you asking me to do?

We are inviting you to take part in an 'online community' over the week of the 13-17th February (or 20th-24th February if your half-term is a week later).

This means being part of a small group of about 5/6 other young people aged 14-17 who all log on to the Liveminds platform each day for about 30 mins, from Monday to Friday. You can download the Liveminds app onto your phone, or access it via a webpage.

The group will be asked to read or listen to a story from the Bible, and to share your reactions by writing or videoing your responses, or uploading images (you won't be asked to be 'live' at any point). You can log on whenever is most convenient for you, and once you've answered the question you can see other people's responses, and respond to their comments if you'd like to. You'll be able to discuss your thoughts with others in your group, and new questions will be added each day. I will be online every day too, to make sure the discussion stays on track and explore what different people in the group are saying.

You don't have to have any knowledge or experience of the Christian faith to take part. There are no right or wrong answers - we are just keen to have an open discussion, and hear what you make of it!

What are you going to do with the information?

We will keep a record of everything that is written or uploaded to the Liveminds platform over the five days. All the records will be anonymised so that if we use something you say in our research report, we won't use your name, school, location or anything that could identify you.

We'll use what we learn to write a research report that will be published later this year.

Why should I take part?

By taking part, you’ll be helping us understand how Christian faith relates to young people’s lives. We think that by listening to you, churches will learn more about how to welcome and make space for young people – whoever they are and wherever they’re from.

We'll also give you a £30 voucher at the end of the week, to say thank you for your time. This will either be for Amazon or a voucher you can spend in a wide range of retail shops.

What should I do next?

If you've read all this, you'd like to take part and you can commit to 30 minutes a day for five days you just need to fill out the consent form that is below.

We would need you to take part in all five days, so please think carefully about whether you can do that before you say yes!

Fill out the consent form

If you have any questions you can ask the person who shared this with you, or contact me on Lucie.moore@youthscape.co.uk or 07595 504271

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