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Lockdown listicle: 99 things for young people to do over Easter

Lahna Pottle

03 Apr, 2020


How can you stay engaged, educated and entertained in this age of isolation? Here's 99 ideas for young people to try this Easter.


The Easter holidays are going to look a little bit different this year. Ok, a LOT different. And young people are going to need plenty of ideas and inspiration for things to do to have fun, keep busy, and spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally fed. So without further ado, here are 99 things to do over the Easter holidays in lockdown. You don’t have to do them all, though it would be amazing if you did. Share this link with young people, copy and paste ideas to your youth group, or set them a daily challenge from this list.


The ultimate lockdown listicle (probably)


1. Read a new book (some recommendations here).

2. Nobody is too old to make a den!

3. Do a random act of kindness for someone in your house.

4. Sign a petition for something you care about.

5. Explore a country you’ve always wanted to see on google maps.

6. Write a letter to your future self and hide it away (not too well though).

7. Camp in your garden if you have one.

8. Make indoor s’mores.

9. Challenge yourself to go a day without tech.

10. Read the Easter story in the Bible (Mark 15 and 16)


11. Message someone from school you don’t usually hang out with.

12. Watch one of those classic movies you still haven’t seen.

13. Make a music video with your siblings/family/people you live with.

14. Workout for 10 minutes.

15. De-stress from the year and meditate for 10 minutes.

16. Play a board game, they still exist right?

17. Be sad. Yep, you heard me. If something makes you sad over the holidays, embrace it. Don’t push it down. Allow yourself to be sad.

18. Find one of your favourite childhood TV programmes on YouTube and get all nostalgic.

19. Call an elderly person and ask them about their life. Find out what they were like at your age.

20. Stay hydrated.

21. Listen to your favourite album the whole way through without any distractions.

22. For Christians, Easter is about the new life God gives. Write a list of all the things you would do if you could have a clean slate and start again.

23. Make a bracelet for you and a friend or sibling.

24. Build the tallest tower you can out of newspaper.

25. Write a journal, it could be paper or digital, but write down what you’ve done every day for a week.

26. Try a new food.

27. Make an Easter playlist.

28. Try a new hairstyle.

29. Read a book from the Bible.

30. Make a healthy smoothie.

31. Make a photo collage.

32. Write a thank you card for someone who wouldn’t expect it.

33. Read a newspaper (probably not the one you used for your tower!)

34. Make someone in your house breakfast.

35. Think of something that needs to be invented to make the world a better place.

36. Try to invent that thing.


37. Have an indoor BBQ (as in, use the oven, don’t use the BBQ indoors!!)

38. Write down a list of things that you have done or said that you regret. Say sorry for them. Tear the paper up as a sign of letting go.

39. Do “Come Dine With Me” with the people you live with.

40. Film your own Gogglebox with those you live with.

41. Watch your favourite movie with someone who has never seen it.

42. Make your own bucket list.

43. Make a time capsule.

44. Successfully pull off a friendly prank.

45. Have a water fight in your garden if you have one.

46. Make homemade ice lollies.

47. Give someone a compliment.

48. Learn a new phrase in another language.

49. Write down a list of things that other people have said or done that have hurt you. Take time to forgive them. Tear the paper up as a sign of letting go.

50. Discover a new music artist.

51. Find out why your street is called what it’s called.

52. Raise money for a charity.

53. Watch a documentary you’ve never seen before.

54. Start a blog.

55. Follow someone on social media who has different views to you. It’s good to listen to different opinions.

56. Host a (very fancy) tea party for those you live with.

57. Learn a new recipe.

58. Write a list of 10 things every day that you are thankful for.

59. Deep clean your room.

60. Sort through your emails/notifications.

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

61. Play a game of human hungry hippos with those with you live with.

62. Record each day of your Easter holiday in photos or 1 second videos (Use the app: 1 Second Everyday).

63. Go meat free or dairy free for a weekend.

64. Give yourself a TEMPORARY tattoo.

65. Learn a new skill; skateboarding, braiding, juggling, instrument.

66. Watch a comedy and really laugh.

67. Set goals for the next month.

68. Create some art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “good”, or what you use to make it, just make something.

69. Make a photo booth in your house, make some props, set up your phone and take photos.

70. Throw a party for someone in your house for absolutely no reason other than to celebrate them!

71. Be generous and give something of yours to someone in your house.

72. Go for a walk/run/cycle everyday if you’re able.

73. Download Duolingo for free and start learning a new language.

74. Clean your trainers.

75. Reorganise your wardrobe.

76. Grow a plant.

77. Write a song.

78. Take up one of these engineer challenges from Dyson.

79. Recreate famous pieces of art with what you have at home.

80. No one is too old to make play dough.


81. Make a pompom.

82. Play Pictionary with a robot.

83. Make slime at home.

84. Pray; thank God, ask God, say sorry, tell God about your day, be angry, be sad, be hopeful.

85. Do some yoga.

86. Film an EPIC trick shot and share it with your friends.

87. Make a movie trailer.

88. Make a flipbook animation.

89. Reach out to your local church youth worker and ask to be mentored.

90. If you have a football challenge yourself to get to 50 kick-ups in a row without dropping it.

91. Spend 30 minutes on your own without any distractions. No phone. No TV. Just you.

92. If you have a tennis ball and bat, challenge yourself to see how many times you can bounce it off an outdoor wall in a row.

93. Pick a number between 1 – 150. Read that number Psalm in the Bible.

94. Find an inspirational quote, write/paint it nicely on paper and put it somewhere you’ll see it.

95. Write a quiz for the people you live with and host a quiz night.

96. Write 10 things you like about yourself.

97. Use your social media only to encourage other people today.

98. Get everyone in the house to make a paper airplane and hold a paper airplane contest to see whose flies furthest.

99. Draw or print out a picture. Cut it into tiny pieces and make your own jigsaw puzzle.

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