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Your Future your Voice | Survey information for youth workers


Tearfund and the Youthscape Centre for Research have launched a youth survey to find out how young people feel about issues of social and environmental justice.


Young people in this generation have developed a reputation for caring about issues of social and environmental justice. Perhaps, like us, you’ve even found yourselves describing teenagers as more conscious and committed than many of us were at their age.

Tearfund and the Youthscape Centre for Research have launched a youth survey to get beneath the perceptions and hear from young people themselves.

We want to hear from as many 14-19-year-old Christians as possible, from right across the UK. We’re interested in their thoughts about the world post-COVID-19, the climate, and how the church can support them to shape the future.

We’ve tested the survey with some brilliant young people, it’s been approved by our ethics panel and it’s ready to go.

This is a moment for young people to speak to the wider church and we would love your help to make that possible.


What do I need to know?

The survey is anonymous and will take 10 minutes to answer (we’ve timed it). We’ll use the results to write a report that will be launched early in the autumn and shared widely with church leaders. We’ll also create a version for young people so that they can see what we found. At the end of the survey there is the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of high street vouchers. You can read the survey questions here or download them via the adjacent link.


What do I need to do?

Send the text below (or your own version of it) to any young people aged 14-19 who would consider themselves Christians, whether they go to church or not. You don’t need to seek parental consent to share this survey, but if you want to inform parents about the research you can find all the information for parents here.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact lucie.shuker@youthscape.co.uk


Text for sharing with 14-19 year olds


I wanted to let you know about a survey that is asking Christians aged 14-19 what they think about the future post-coronavirus, the climate and their experience of being part of a church.

The results will be shared with church leaders across the UK, so this is a great chance to have your say and affect how churches support young people in the future.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. By taking part you’ll also have the chance to win £100 worth of Love2Shop online vouchers.

Your Voice, Your Future - the survey

Thank you!

(insert your name)


A free session to say thank you

To show our gratitude for your help we’ve pulled together a free session plan on climate justice, which you can use with your youth groups. We think this will work particularly well after young people have taken the survey and shared their thoughts. Best not to do it before sharing the survey, or you might bias their answers! View it here or download it via the right-hand sidebar.

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