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Information for youth workers


Some more detail about our research on faith journeys


Why should I help with this project?

We want to listen carefully to the experiences of young people who see themselves as practicing Christians, but who did not grow up around church or the Christian faith. What we learn from this research will help youth workers and churches understand about these young people's faith journeys better, and how we can support them.

How many people do I need to recruit?

We would like you to invite just one person from your youth group to take part in this research. We only need one as the young people involved in the research will be discussing personal information which needs to remain confidential. Each person needs to be anonymous to the others. This will also encourage people to be open and honest about the topics being discussed.

Who do we want to join the research?

We are looking for a person that fits these criteria:

  • Aged 14 to 18
  • Been resident in the UK since at least the age of 5
  • Must not have had a Christian upbringing (where faith was practiced regularly)
  • Must now be a practicing Christian

To help with this you can show people these statements and ask them to what extent they agree or disagree with each? (Agree strongly, Agree a little, Not sure, Disagree a little, Disagree strongly)

  • I grew up in a home where Christian faith was important
  • I regularly went to church/Sunday school as a child
  • I think of myself as a Christian now
  • I regularly meet with other Christians
  • I am learning how to pray and engage with the Bible
  • I know that I am a Christian now, but wasn’t as a child

We are looking for people who disagree with the first two statements AND agree with the last four.

It is important to consider all the people who might be eligible, and not just those with a ‘good story to tell’. It is better for our research that we hear about everyone’s experiences, not just the most outstanding or interesting.

Do they need to be part of my youth group?

No. If you know the ideal person through another means then that is fine. For example, they might be a friend of someone you know or an ex-youth club member.

How do I recruit the person?

Once you have someone in mind, please tell them about the research and invite them to take part, by sending them the link to the web-page. Don’t forget to mention the £60 incentive! You can use the sample text at the bottom of this page, if that is easiest.

What should I do if they want to take part

Please make sure the young person reads the information and fills in the online consent form if they would like to take part. If they are 14 or 15, we will need a parent/carer to add their details to the consent form as well.

How quickly do I need to do this?

Please make sure the online forms are completed as soon as possible. The deadline for this is the end of November.

Should I help them with the research?

You can encourage the young person to take part and let them know how much their participation will be valued, but try not to influence their responses.

It is important for the young person to take part in the research as independently as possible. As you are probably aware, every time you engage with a young person you will have the opportunity to influence their thoughts, views and actions. Please try not to do this with regard to their research responses! They may want to talk to you about what they have found out during the research week – about their own faith and that of other young people in general, but please encourage them to talk to you after the research has been completed.

Suggested text to share with young people

Hi. Are you interested in taking part in a research project? It's about young people's faith journeys and I thought of you. It involves logging in to an online platform, where you'll be promoted with different questions over a week in early December. You do it in your own time and it takes about two hours total over the week. They'll give you £60 to take part. If you're interested the information is here https://www.youthscape.co.uk/f...

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